foto a video praha

Camera! Action! 

As a creative being, I couldn’t miss learning about the camera as well. For my studies, I chose a journalistic camera to learn the speed and basics of the craft. While studying, I discovered that I really don’t like strict adherence to rules in creation. On the contrary, I like to improvise and work in such a way that we can enjoy it together.

foto a video praha


Video allows us to capture the reality or artistic intent that we want to portray. Thanks to video, we go back in time and remember beautiful moments, tell stories over and over again, help the audience feel the atmosphere, convey an idea or just want to have fun. It is a creative field that requires constant education and improvement. It is a craft like any other. What I personally love most about it is that I can share stories and emotions through it.

What kind of video can I offer? 

I primarily make wedding videos, but I try to be multi-functional and improve in all fields. 



Social media has never been a priority for me, yet I’m finding my way around it and learning. Here are samples of my reels.

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