Danca was our photographer for a birthday event comprising of 55+ guests and she handled the event single handedly. She is a very skill-full snapper and have a great eye for details & moments.
She has captured beautiful frames in the event and we are grateful to her. And she also edited the snaps wonderfully.
More than her skills she is very understanding and compassionate. She will conduct multiple calls/meetings to understand our requirements and expectations beforehand and makes sure to achieve them.
All things considered, I strongly recommend Danca for any kind of events and especially if you want to capture & cherish your beautiful moments forever then you have to reach out to Danca.

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Lucie Horáková

Danča is my longtime friend. I admire her work. He does everything with great passion. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, I completely forgot to arrange a cameraman, luckily I have Danča in my life. She did both perfectly, giving us an incredible wedding video and so much more. She is incredibly gifted, talented. Her work exudes lightness, naturalness, beauty and much more. With Danča, it doesn’t matter if it’s a photo, a wedding video or even a painting. Everything is perfect. My husband is not comfortable with photography and he was able to relax with Danča and it resulted in stunning photos. I will be forever grateful to her for that and I will always admire her work and life story. I can only and only recommend Danču to anything he creates ♾️/10, another rating simply cannot be given. And you, Danča, never doubt yourself, you can do absolutely anything you want! S<3 Lucc.

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Nikola Bučková


For a long time I was looking for a photographer whose work would make me say wow, this is what I want, this is it. I was looking for a photographer whose work would have a soul and whose photos would be truly natural. By incredible luck, I managed to find her on FB. Working with Dača was an unforgettable experience for me, because Danča is not only an amazing artist and photographer, but also an amazing person. And the resulting photos? they exceeded my expectations! honestly, I couldn’t even imagine such beautiful photos. Amazing, energetic, perfect… I fell in love with myself: D: D thank you very much and I highly recommend <3

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Veronika Sovadina Kašaková


I met Danča in an environment that is very close to both of us. In the children’s home. It was a meeting at first sight, simply love at first sight. I thought I saw my younger self in her, but I was wrong, she is better. That version of yourself that you admire from the start. When I watched her journey, it was completely natural for me to invite her to our table on her wedding day, but what later took my breath away was her professionalism, willingness and care to capture our most precious memories as gently as possible. After seeing her work and the videos from our wedding she wiped our eyes. It had everything in it, it was us, the way we know each other in depth. She perfected the scenery of our love. Danča is a multi-talented young lady who will still pull out her biggest aces, she has a lot to offer and her attention to detail is breathtaking. Plus, whenever you work with her you feel like you’re working with a best friend, she was the one my family fell in love with and they keep asking me, “How’s that great girl doing?” I believe and hope that she is as beautiful as possible! We recommend all ten 🤍🤍🤍 We were very honored and thank you very much Danuška❤️❤️❤️ With love and respect to you I believe

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Marika K.

We had a great experience with Danča. She recently photographed my brother’s wedding, and she is a very talented and skilled young woman <3 She is extremely helpful and kind. She took a lot more photos for us than we had agreed on, and she managed to shoot an incredibly beautiful 4-minute video for us. She worked despite the agreed time!! This is certainly not our last photo shoot with Danča, we would be happy if she would make time for our family at least once a year and take a few photos with the children as a keepsake. :) I’ve always been looking for a family photographer, and I don’t have to look any further, because it’s a real pleasure to work with a person like Danča. Thank you ♥️

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Petra Batók - Vision software


I work with Danča briefly, but quite intensively. At the company conference, she managed to shoot a very nice short video, take photos all day and also create a video recording of all the presentations. Then she helped us edit the tutorial video, which probably wasn’t much fun, but she did it perfectly. I like that I can always agree with Danča, there is no problem in fine-tuning the task together, and the result is on time and absolutely perfect.

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

DataSession s.r.o.


We are a fledgling technology startup and needed professional photos for the website. Mainly portraits of individual team members and joint photos. Danča was very helpful, professional, she was able to choose a great place and the resulting photos are great. Definitely recommend!

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Helena Melicharová

I have experience with Miss Lišková from artistic portrait photography, when I was her model. I always thought I was unphotogenic and couldn’t relax in front of the camera. But Miss managed to create a beautiful, safe atmosphere and the result is a lot of professional photos, the best I have, and a renewed confidence in front of the camera. I am very grateful for this experience! 🍀❤️

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague

Niki & Kuba

The wedding video is one of the tangible memories we can keep from the D-Day. We chose Danča for ours and we didn’t regret it for a minute. During one short meeting before the wedding, Danča was able to accurately perceive our personalities, so she knew exactly how to aim for the final edits. She has an incredible eye for detail, she captured everything that was important and personal to us, so we now have a wonderful lifelong memory. We are extremely grateful for her work and recommend her out of 10. If we were to do it again, we would definitely choose her again. : -) Thank you very much for everything. You are awesome. <3 N+K

Recenze. Dana Lišková — photographer, cameraman, editor and painter in Prague



I’m a cameraman and it’s important for me to have a partner next to me who can handle the work. Working with Danča is very easy for me, even if we sometimes exchange opinions, in the end we reach a common solution. You can see a lot of progress in her work and she learns from everything she does. I warmly recommend!